Get a new water irrigation system for your Okanogan & Chelan, WA home

Say Goodbye to Watering Your Yard

Watering your yard with a hose can be pretty time-consuming. Not to mention how difficult it is to give your whole yard an even amount of water. Luckily, Zaga Roofing LLC in Okanogan & Chelan, WA makes it easy to get an automatic water irrigation system for your yard.

With our sprinklers, you won't need to worry about your grass not getting enough water. Instead, you can automatically set your sprinklers to run through the control panel, a timer or the phone app.

Speak with a member of our team now to book your sprinkler installation.

Get a system that's built to last

Unlike other companies, we don't rush through our water irrigation projects. Instead, we:

  • Follow all city codes
  • Plan ahead for the future
  • Provide easy access to the system for blowouts
  • Make sure the desired area is completely covered
  • Offer a filter system with each sprinkler installation

Don't settle for a subpar sprinkler system. Keep your grass hydrated by scheduling a sprinkler installation today.